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About This Site

Who am I?

I'm a Christian. This is a Christian blog and I will center on the truths that Christianity can bring to your life. Not a progressive truth or a relative truth, but an objective truth. If you're looking for hope in a dismal world where the next day seems pointless and the future elusive, you've come to the right blog. I offer encouragement to those who are looking for meaning, purpose and answers in their lives.

To the Intellectually Honest . . .

If you're an intellectually honest atheist, agnostic or humanist who is willing to consider where the evidence in science, archeology, and the historical written record leads, I encourage you to read my blog. The worst that can happen is that you'll be familiar with Christian arguments. The best that could happen is an eternal life of happiness and the ability to help others. If you're a Christian who thinks everyone but you is awful, then I've got something for you here as well.

How Truth is Tied to Eternity – Part 2 of 3

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How Truth is Tied to Eternity – Part 1 of 3

Truth and Time Part 1 of 3   I believe eternity exists because truth, good and evil exist. This may seem like an odd approach to proving the existence of... Read More

I’m a Good Person; Isn’t That Enough to Get Into Heaven?

How do You Handle the “Good Person” question? This question has been addressed many times and my goal is to take a look at this claim from a hopefully, different... Read More

Perpetual Happiness – The Devil’s Trap – Part-3

Sacrificial Suffering vs Personal Suffering Reading the title of this blog you might be asking yourself, “what the heck is he talking about it?” In the last three blogs I’ve... Read More

Perpetual Happiness – The Devil’s Trap – Part 2

Perpetual Happiness – The Devil’s Trap – Part 2 A Promise of Pain and Suffering In the previous blog (Part-1) we talked about how pain and suffering is an opportunity... Read More

Perpetual Happiness – The Devil’s Trap – Part 1

Perpetual Happiness – The Devil’s Trap – Part 1 I decided to start this Christian Blog with a subject we can all relate to; “Pain and Suffering and the Pursuit... Read More


This blog is for the skeptic, the atheist or agnostic that has doubts about life after death. This particular blog is going to put the Christian Worldview on hold for... Read More