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How Truth is Tied to Eternity – Part 1 of 3

Truth and Time Part 1 of 3   I believe eternity exists because truth, good and evil exist. This may seem like an odd approach to proving the existence of... Read More


This blog is for the skeptic, the atheist or agnostic that has doubts about life after death. This particular blog is going to put the Christian Worldview on hold for... Read More

Death’s Door

This is another blog I’m writing for the Non-Christian or the non-religious person who is either an atheist or an agnostic. If you’re on the fence with death and where... Read More

Are Ghosts Real Part 1

We’ve all heard ghost stories. But is that all they are? Stories. You can talk to almost anyone and they’ll tell you they’ve either seen a ghost or know someone... Read More

Are Ghosts Real – Part 2

In my last blog I offered, what I thought to be, a reasonable approach to evaluating the data concerning people reporting ghost sightings in cemeteries or other locations. I made... Read More