In my last blog I offered, what I thought to be, a reasonable approach to evaluating the data concerning people reporting ghost sightings in cemeteries or other locations.

I made the suggestion that, based on the evidence we have, that the probability of ghosts and the spirit world being real (for lack of a better term), is very high. To deny this would be to deny the individuality of your own soul from your body in which case, you’re probably a humanist or atheist and believe that the body and soul are one; the body dies and so goes the soul. If that’s your belief then you may struggle with this. If you can suspend your beliefs for a moment and entertain the theory of the body being separate from the soul or that “dualism”, as it’s referred to, exists, this will help in what I’m going to suggest.

I thought I would chat a bit about what it is people might be seeing and why. To do that, I wanted to build the case that there’s plenty of evidence that strongly suggests the soul lives beyond the death of the body. There’s an active website where people are asked to submit there stories of near death experiences or out of the body experiences. The reports come in from all over the world. It’s interesting to read the similarities as well as the differences in the reports.

The common denominator is that the soul does exist outside the body and not just in a dream state. I could write an entire book covering this data but it’s already been done by experts in the field and I’m not going to exhaust the issue here. If you’re interested in NDE or OBE (near-death-experiences or out-of-the-body experiences, one is involuntary and one voluntary) there are plenty of books out there. For now, I’m going to treat that as a presupposition for what’s to follow in this blog. I mean, come on, it’s a blog, not a book, right?

There have been many books written about near death experiences where people have died and seen everything that was happening to and around them, even witnessed events miles away while they were considered clinically dead. So, to say that spirits can have self-direction and intelligence is not a stretch by any means.  They seem to be very aware of what’s going on, and, just like the living, I imagine there are good and bad spirits with varying degrees of intelligence and varying moral attributes. The fact that we recognize both would suggest the existence of a moral code of good and evil. That’s another subject all in itself.

If we can at least agree that there is good and evil in the world and that evil is not illusionary, then it’s easier to understand how that can easily carry over into the spirit world or afterlife.  It becomes no surprise that people experience both good and evil spirits. It makes sense.  Some of the questions that would follow might be; Is there a direct correlation between ghosts and evil? Are all ghosts former inhabitants of this earth? Are there friendly ghosts or did we just conjure up Casper in order to subdue our fears of what we think a ghost and it’s motivations are? Of all the ghost sightings that happen across the world, how many are actually reported?

This blog wasn’t written to answer all these questions and I would never assume to have all the answers. If anything, I could only speak of my own experiences and realizing that the spirit world is, well . . . another world, how could anyone claim to have all the answers? I’m writing this blog as “food for thought”. We should think about things more deeply so all I’m going to do is facilitate some thoughts and make some suggestions. You may be asking why it’s important? I would say that a world view has to have all the pieces fit within that view. You must be able to reconcile your beliefs. In other words, your beliefs shouldn’t contradict each other within the same world view or, you can’t merely believe half of this. You either embrace all of it or reject all of it. You can’t believe that there’s no life after death yet believe in those who appear to have died in the form of a ghost. You can’t believe that all there is to this world is what science can prove and at the same time, believe you’ve seen a ghost that science can’t prove.

If it’s true that people are seeing ghosts then, what are these apparitions? They’re not physical beings nor are they some form of clever trickery from behind the curtain. These appear to have some actual essence to them. They appear to be an individual entity that possesses some form of self-direction with varying degrees of intelligence. Someone may be asking themselves; “How can an apparition have intelligence with no physicality?” When we dream we see without eyes and certainly feel deeply. The dream world, or the most common level of the dream world, the astral plane, is loaded with beings we encounter, some friendly and some, not so much. People that have NDE’s report that their thinking was clearer, colors were brighter, sight unrestricted and knowledge greater, all while they were “away” from the body. Amazing if you think about it for even a moment.

So, here’s a question. Is there a direct correlation between ghosts and evil? I think not. But then why is it that most people report being scared or virtually terrified at being confronted by a ghost? Someone might argue that if they’d seen their parent or loved one, they wouldn’t have been scared but that the ghost “appeared evil”. One could counter that it was a spirit impersonating the parent. Now what?

I would suggest that location and state of mind play a large role in what we encounter, no matter what we’re doing or where we’re going. Not too many will deny “getting a feeling” when they approached a living person or went to a favorite or new location. We all have a “favorite place” based on experiences or how it looks or feels to us at the moment. Have you ever met someone and right away you either liked them or you didn’t? There was no in-between about it. You didn’t know why, you just knew.

When it comes to location it’s similar. If you’ve ever moved and bought a house or rented an apartment you know what I’m talking about. You walk into that house or apartment and you just know it’s right for you, all based on a feeling you get. Or, you return to a location because you want to be recharged or remember a good time you had there once or, you want to be closer to someone you remember being there with. You leave the location feeling better. How exactly can going to a location make you feel better? It’s not logical if you base it on a scientific explanation so what is it? What is this sorcery that tricks us into believing in a feeling and reacting to something that some say isn’t even there?

I think most of us would agree that feelings or your state of mind can be felt by others. So, is it reasonable to assume that an apparition or spirit can sense how you feel as well? Maybe even better since their ability to sense those things are not being inhibited by a body? Would it be too much of a stretch to say that the apparitions can “read you”? We know a dog can sense fear or aggression. Animals are very keen to tune into your feelings toward them. They have horse whisperers, right? So, if an animal can “read you” why not a ghost?

It’s common knowledge among people who study dreaming that emotions and your senses are heightened in the dream state. Anyone who has had a vivid dream can testify to this. So I believe that spirits or ghosts can “read” us fairly quickly and easily. If you become frightened, you’re like a light that the moths surround and come to. Your fear is “seen” by the spirits and the evil spirits enjoy it. So they rally around to enhance that fear and feed off it. If it gets bad enough some say they can attach themselves to your life and the nightmare continues.

What protection can be acquired to keep us safe from these demons? If you’re not a Christian, and have no knowledge of how the spirit world works, then controlling your own emotions and knowing the limitations of demons or spirits would be a start. Learning more about Angels and demons, their origination and motivations would be more than an interesting subject to pursue. I’m going to introduce the Christian Worldview here. It has all the answers to all these questions. It’s a complex faith and one that seems contradictory. This blog was written for the secularist. I encourage you to study the Christian Faith or ask questions. It’s a fascinating journey when you understand God’s plan from the start.

But first you must open yourself up to the possibility of the spirit world existing.  This might bring a more enlightening experience to us, that is, should we ever encounter a ghost.

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